Monday, October 29, 2007

Queen Bee

All dressed up and ready for the church fall festival! (There was one upset baby before these pictures and Ruthie was almost grounded from even going to the festival.)

Ruth realized we left her trick-or-treat bag outside.

Many hours of love put into her first Halloween costume (I am my mother's daughter.)

Pulling up

Ruthie loves looking out the screen door...(yes mom it is locked)
1,2,3...UP!!! (I did steady her from falling to the side, but she did the work.)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pumpkins and Mountains with Ruthie

Just a quick update...Ruthie just started crawling today and her first two teeth are coming in!!! Wow, how time flys!

Mama and her little pumpkin

Ruth was more into the straw than the pumpkins or taking a picture

Precious! (notice the straw still tightly gripped in her little hand)

The Namtarts had an incredible weekend with the Doroskos and the Artemenkos in the NC Mountains. We stayed at Allen and Jodie's new house which is incredibly decorated, I might add. A wonderful way to spend our last 2 months in NC.

The view from the front porch is Grandfather Mountain...BEAUTIFUL!!!

ROW, ROW, ROW your boat...Maggie, Will, and Ruthie playing at Pop and Lolly's (Allen & Jodie's) mountain house

The babies decided to take a rest after their hike

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Our littlt rock climber

Ruthie liked the Stalagtites better than the Stalagmites!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

2 Random thoughts

1)Today's word is GRATITUDE-
it has been made abundantly clear to me that we are good at asking God to supply us and our loved ones with health, outcomes, finances, hope etc...
Here's the RUB- God continues to work in front of my very eyes and I rarely thank Him like I should.....always off to the next thing. So here is the question for you and I...."When was the last time you took a breather and thanked your Maker for answered prayers? hmmmmm It's time for all of us to "waller" in His goodness.

2)On a lighter note- On one side of our youth building is a Methadone Clinic and on the other side is a center for middle aged, low-income folks with mental disabilities. One of my new friends from next door, Reggie has been hanging around alot. He comes to my offic to borrow a basketball so he can work on his jump shot on our goal. We share the lot with 10 other agencies and a restaraunt. Reggie (who is 50+yrs old), took it upon himself to collect landscaping blocks, cones, rocks, an empty box of Philly Blunts and other "borrowed" objects. He spread these objects all over the lot and connected them with caution tape around the goal. Some people called the cops on him and they arrested him and hauled him downtown. Later that day he came bye the youth building and I asked him about his adventures today. His response, "Man, I was just workin' on my jumpshot when they snagged me and took me downtown...sumthin' bout a summons'....well at least I got a ride downtown, I had things I had to do down there".

more drama for ya' mamma!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Miss Ruth

Our little girl has been sitting up left and right, it's very fun to watch. She loves watching her friends Maggie and Will as they are very busy moving around the house. We are now eating peas and little star thingies....and now our spit ups and diapers have entered an entire new arena. Ruthie loves to flip and turn when we are trying to clean the toxic waste off of her now we must buckle her in with a harnace on the changing table. Kim is a trooper.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Weepy Weep

In recent years I have really grown in the area of crying...I'm getting much better. With all the change going on in our lives as well as many answered prayers, the tears of thankfulness and gratitude have been flowing. My favorite place to well up is in my truck listening to music. This morning on my way to Sams (tha' club)I had yet another precipation attack in the eyeball region. Here are the words to a new David Crowder song that inspired the Weep.

And the problem is this We were bought with a kiss
But the cheek still turned Even when it wasn’t hit
And I don’t know What to do with a love like that
And I don’t know How to be a love like that
When all the love in the world Is right here among us
And hatred too And so we must choose What our hands will do
Where there is pain Let there be grace
Where there is suffering Bring serenity
For those afraid Help them be brave
Where there is misery Bring expectancy
And surely we can change Surely we can change Something
And the problem it seems Is with you and me
Not the Love who came To repair everything
Oh, the world’s about to change
The whole world’s about to change

Monday, October 08, 2007

For Sale

It's weird seeing a "for sale" sign in my yard. We are praying for God to help us in this arena because both of us are fairly clueless when it comes to realty and financial stuff. Here is our house on if you want to see it.
Kim and I have really been impressed with the way most of our students have handled us moving. Many of them have written some incredible notes!! We thank God for this incredible bunch of students, they will be real world changers.