Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ruthie's first cell phone

We finally figured out how to post videos, so here comes hours upon hours of little Ruthie-isms that are probably only cute to us. Hope everyone is well!! We close on our house this wednesday.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Test Microphone Check 1 2

Did I hear someone say I was fly?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wee Little Hoosie

Mucho has happened in the life of the Namtarts in the last few weeks. We have a contract on a "wee little hoosie" as my scottish uncle would say. We close on the 27th, Kim wants to close yesterday. My mom and Auntie Wrenn came and spent time with us. Kim and I went to a marriage retreat at Young Life's Trail West and it was incredible for our marriage. We are in the middle of picking out cabinets, countertops etc. Today is Valentines day and it is snowing, hopefully I can still take Kim on a little surprise rendezvous anoche!

Ruthie got a stroller for Vday. She and Dolly are going for a stroll.
Grandma Deb
This is a large mural on the wall in our backyard.
Will we paint over it? hmmmmmmmm.....
Na, we will make it a focal point, have a Chimmy-Chunga Party and beat the snot out of Pinatas in our backyard!!! Our first party will be a FIESTA in honor of the Donkey Mural.
The kitchen is really big. It features metal cabinets, red metal tops, Inagaddadavida carpet, 3 different tiles and much more. It's all gonna Go!!

We love some Auntie Wrenn, but we miss maggie-doodle

Saturday, February 02, 2008


Aunt Wrenn has been out here this week and it has been fun hanging out.Ruthie is now up to 7 steps before the wipe out. My mom comes out here from LA tuesday to stay with us and watch Ruthie while Kim and I go to a marriage retreat at Trail West. 
We finally have a contract on a house that we are both really excited about. This has been an answer to prayer.