Friday, July 27, 2007

Ruthie's Holy Sprinklin'

Ruthie was baptized this past Sunday by my dad who flew out here from LA with my mom for the week. We have had a great summer and Ruthie and Kim ended up coming to Fun in the Son in Jekyll Island, Georgia at the last minute which turned out to be great. Ruthie is getting better at shoving her entire hand in her mouth and grabbing both her feet at the same time to stretch out her thigh muscles. Kim is a great mom and has read Brown Bear 32564 times to little Ruth.
I recently found out that I am going to Ethiopia with Compassion International on behalf of YCM in September for 10 days. This trip came as a surprise, but I feel blessed to be able to go after momma, the doc, and the boss gave it the thumbs up.
God is Good!
nate and kim

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Blog Vacation

Sorry we have been slow on the blogging when Ruthie is growing like a weed! She ways 39 pounds at 4 months old and she drinks soy latte's instead of her momma's milk.
Hear is the deal e o...we lost the thingy that connects our pics to the 'puter...therefore we have pics but no thingy to post them. is a graphic for the theme I wrote for the Fun in the Son camps this summer. My parents are here from LA. We are doing well. I cut me beard.