Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Diapered Diva

We really enjoy feeding doggy and baby. We also like to put food in our mouth now, take it out and feed mommy and daddy. Yummmmm. 
For some reason, Ruthie and Doggie have taken a liking to their own little ready chair in the far end of the house. 

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Threshing Floor

I really enjoyed a blog I started at my previous church that focused on discussing life's hard questions with student's in my ministry. So instead of getting heckled by people to just show pictures of Ruthie, I'll put all my thoughts in a new place, The Threshing Floor. 
I'm excited to join my older brother Jake as we co-author this blog, it should be fun. We did come from the same womb, we think. We hope that friends, family, his students and my students join us for hopefully some stimulating conversation ranging from pop-culture to faith.


(Sorry this is sideways...I am computer illiterate.)  
After an APRIL snow (God Bless America),  Nate made a snowball for Ruthie to play with inside.

Still enjoying her snowball.....
Ma Ma finally took the snowball away after Ruthie's lips started to swell up and turn red.
(Notice the shoes in the pictures...Carrying around shoes is one of Ruthie's favorite past times.)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Saturday on Thursday

We woke up this morning (thurs/my day off) and we got a dumping of snow in late April. Momma Ti Ti cooked some funnel pancakes that Ruthie inhaled after watching some Clifford re-runs. Kim says this was like a Guthrie Saturday.
House Update: floors are getting there final coats of goo. Appliances come this week, ducts get cleaned, girls core group comes to paint trim, counters are in, lights are in, doorbell is annoying and the bathroom is complete with new everything and the new toilet has been Christened...so it's Kosher.
We are more than ready to move and God is Good in the midst of it all!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Update on la Casa

We finally have a kitchen floor, cabinets, paint and many other things on the main floor of the house. Our hope is to be moved in the last week of April. Momma Kim is smiling more these days because sconces, bead board and martha stewart type stuff make her happy. The Ruthster is fully mobile and curious. I think she is ADD like her momma and doesn't sit still like her shy father.