Friday, January 23, 2009

The Presidential Inauguartion

Ruthie decided to "dress up" for the Presidential Inauguration.  She wanted her clothes off, a purple necklace on, hat and gloves like everyone on the TV, and an American flag which I had to dig out of the 4th of July box.  She kept saying, "Obama, big deal." and  "So many!"  refering to the crowd of people.   What a patriotic little soul.  Notice how she has tucked the 
flag into her diaper.
Intently watching everyone get into their limos.  Pre gloves and hat.
She likes to pretend she is going to visit her Aunt Ebbie and Uncle Chad.  She repeats their names over and over, puts doggie, blanket and washie in a plastic bag and says "bye, airplane, be careful."   She hides in between the glass door and the real door and acts like she is gone.  Then bursts out and says "I'm home! Shopping, Ebbie, hairbows."
One of Ruth's favorite past times is standing on the porch railing and watching the world go by.  She makes doggie and her washies stand on the railing too.
Playing Rummi Cube in her bathing suit.  Ruth's version is seperating all the tiles into colors on the trays.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Random Christmas Pics

We hope everyone had a great Christmas!  Happy New Year!
We went to the zoo for their annual holiday lights!
It was pretty cold!  This is Ruthie and her friend Spence.
Watch out Nate!
We had a Happy Birthday Jesus party complete with crafts, snacks, and cupcakes.
I only got 3 pictures and Ruthie isn't looking in any of them.
We opened the new kitchen from Grandma Guthrie and Paw-Paw early so we could play with it before we left for Missouri.
There was an interactive nativity near our house.  Ruthie loved Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus!
There were tons of animals too.  We finally had to pull Ruthie away after being outside for 45 minutes.  
We made cookies for Santa and left carrots for the reindeer.
Opening the last "day door"  
PRESENTS!!!  Ruthie opened this and said, "The whole world!"
Stickers, a "rina dress", and a new scarf for Ruthie and Baby!
Ruthie had a wonderful time with Nate's family.
Grandma Deb loved her Ben and Ruthie time.
She was spoiled by Great Grandpa and Grandma Gable and all the great aunts, uncles and cousins.
Took the traditional trip to the Bass Pro Shop. 
This is not a mistake...Ruthie continues to dress up and we have to pretend trick or treat even in January.
Mommy's weak attempt at a snowman!