Monday, March 16, 2009


We can't believe our precious Roo is 2! She brings us so much love and joy and we praise the Lord for her life!

A Clifford extravaganza!

Thanking God for our sweet Ruthie. She is a prayer peeker.

Blowing out the candle

Roo got lots of great gifts! Thanks everyone!

Daddy's BIG girl

So excited about her birthday morning treat...chocolate milk!

Thanks Pam Pam and Charlie for the Snow White dress..."I LOVE IT!"

Nothing cuter (more cute??) than Snow White in a helmet

Waiting patiently for Dad to put together her new trike. Thanks Grandma G and Paw-Paw!

Look! No hands!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our Little ROO

Roo loves pretending to be a mommy and she is a very good one at that.

Writing Grandma G a Birthday Card

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Mother Appreciation Weekend

So Kim's bday was friday and she went with a gaggle of 65 mommies to a retreat for the weekend...I'm ready for her to come home and it's saturday morning(JKJKJKJKJ) So glad she's there and now I get a taste of non-stop love!!
1) Ruthie refers to every object as "this guy" now. As I'm driving she was saying over and over "i'm gonna get this guy". Finally I looked back and her finger was so far up her nose she almost just her frontal lobe. She was determined to pick "that guy"

2) She has worn her bike helmet all day long since she woke up and she won't take it off. At least we're being safe.

3) It was snowing huge flakes today and they all landed on my beard....Ruthie leaned forward and licked them out of my beard. AWWWWW

4) She is her mother's daughter. She got out the 4th of July tub and we have flags everywhere and she's insisting I wear the big flag like a robe. I feel like Apollo Creed from Rocky.