Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Few More Easter Pics

The indoor egg hunt. (Thanks to Hartley for the pictures)

Enjoying the candy after the hunt

All the girls over for dinner

Easter 2009

Once again we got tons of snow on Easter, but it was beautiful! Our church service was great and we had a wonderful time with some friends that come over for dinner. We even had an indoor egg hunt for the Ruthster.

We made Easter cookies and invited friends over to dye eggs. I was a little busy, so I didn't actually take any pictures of the dying process. (PS -Thanks Lolly and Pop for the cookie cutters!)

Easter basket time!

The jumprope was a hit

New swimsuit

Trying to put on both dresses that her grandmas gave to her

School Time

Ruthie has started teaching her animals. She announces, "Hi everybody. I am your teacher today." Then she reads to them, gives them snack, with a prayer of course and makes them take a nap. Too cute!

Nap time! Everyone get a washie

Denver Aquarium

We were on our way to a Butterfly Pavilion in Denver when we realized in the traffic we would never make it. Ruthie was so excited and even wore butterfly shoes. We quickly explained that there were fish and sharks there too and exited early to the aquarium. She loved it, but when we got in the car to head back home Ruthie replied, "Where are the butterflies". We explained that they were sleeping and we would have to come again to see them. Can't get anything passed her these days.
Daddy is so silly!

Daddy explaining to Ruthie the different fish

Teeny tiny seahorse

Our favorite part was the sea turtles and sharks

Trip to NC

We went to NC to visit family and friends. We had a wonderful time, but missed Daddy!
Lovin' the Sand

Ruthie had lots of fun with Maggie and Will

Time with Nanny

Treats with Nanner

Playing "America the Beautiful" in Grandma's aprons

Dessert and movie with Kenty

Chillin' with Griggs

Kissing baby Zoe

Enjoying a lollipop with Paw-Paw