Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fall Pictures

Here are random fall pictures.....

We went to Breckenridge mid September and the leaves were already turning. This is the only picture I have of our adventure, because Nate hates taking pictures and hates stopping to allow anyone else to take pictures.

We went to a local apple orchard with some friends to pick apples. Ruth ate 4 apples in 40 minutes while we were walking around. We had a great time and made an apple crisp when we got home.

We went to the Hot Air Balloon Festival again. The weather wasn't quite as good as last year so not as many balloons, but still fun. My sister Pam, Charlie, and baby Zoe were here to visit too, but Pam has all those pictures.

At night they have a "GLOW" where they light up the balloons. Very cool, but very crowded

We went to the zoo and Ruthie had her first pony ride. I cried for some strange reason!?

Nate went to LA and brought Ruthie back a pink guitar with her name on it. She loves it!! She will be releasing a hit song entitled "HEY, HEY POTATO" soon. This is an original Ruth Stratman song, but it is only 3 words repeated over and over....

Our good friend Nancy (aka Nanner or Donkeyhead) came to visit. We had a wonderful time. Ruthie had a blast having dance parties, reading "Fancy Nancy" 400 times, and of course singing.

While Nancy was here we went to a pumpkin contest and a fall festival at a historic ranch. There was apple cider being made, wool being spun, barn dances, hayrides, animals, and tons of other activities. The weather was great and the leaves are changing. It was a perfect fall day!
This is Roo with the pumpkin everyone was saying would win.

Picking a pumpkin

Roping cattle while waiting for the hayride

Chowin' on some kettle mother, like daughter