Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ruthie's First Tea Set

Thanks Grandma and Paw-Paw Guthrie for the tea set.  It is one of the first things I play with every morning.  Mommy even lets me have real snacks to share with my dolls.  We will have to have a tea party next time I come to visit.  Miss you  and love you!
Love, Ruthie

The Stratman Family Visit

We had a great time with the Stratmans and enjoyed showing them around The Springs!
Here are just a few pics.  There are more on Nate's brothers blog if you are interested.

Even though Ruthie loves her Uncle Jake at this moment she really wanted her Aunt Julia.

Ben and Ruthie loving on Grandma Deb.

Great Aunt Bee and Uncle Scott came to visit too.  
They were in charge of Ruthie's first ice cream cone.
Lovin' the Snickers ice cream

Ben was not too sure he wanted Ruthie this close.

Rock climbing at Garden of the Gods
Grandpa Gary loves his girls.

One last kiss!!!

July 4th

Since the 4th is my favorite holiday, I put out all the decorations even though Nate was out of town.   Ruthie woke up to a new wagon.  She absolutely loved it and just sat in the wagon in the kitchen for a long time.  We then made blueberry muffins with an American flag and napkin no less.  We took the wagon and went to America the Beautiful Park to play in the fountain with our friend Eleanor.   Next year we will try the fireworks.  Once again...Like mother like daughter.   Thanks mom for teaching me how to really enjoy the holidays!

Friday, July 11, 2008


no new posts because I have the computer with me on our 2 week mission trip to Vancouver via Yellowstone, Seattle and many other places. Here is the blog from the trip we are still on until the 14th  VANCOUVER
I don't think I've ever really been homesick in my life....but it's a new story now that we have Ruthie, especially now that she recognizes when we are gone. Kim told me that Ruth has been dragging my picture and shirts around the house saying "Dadda?". If that doesn't choke a young father up...what will? Kim has been a trooper trying to get our house finished up before my family arrives in town as well as being a good single momma to Ruthie. 
I've thought a bunch about the father-child relationship in my own life and in a spiritual sense throughout the week. My favorite mental picture is of Ruthie with her face smashed against the glass front door screaming "DADDA" as I walk up the front walk. I'm pretty sure my heavenly father delights when my face is smashed against the glass as well!

to God be the glory great things He hath done,