Friday, May 26, 2006


Kim and I are headed to Asheville to see
her sister Pam and her hubby Charlie.
Hopefully we'll get the chance to camp out one of
the nights we are up there. You've gotta'
love the great state of North Cackalackie...
we got mountains, beach, farmland and the big city.

Thursday, May 25, 2006


hub (h b)n.
A center of activity or interest; a transfer point to get passengers to their intended destination.
This is the new logo for our new building
for our Student Ministry. Nothing fancy, but it fits the definition and purpose.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

La Casa de Namtart

This is the Psycho Confedrate Jasmine that is taking over our yard.
It is quite "ODI-FER-US"
Wanted you to see my "beloved" couch where I do
most of my "field" research to study the ever changing teenage culture...
i.e Reality T.V, Dog the Bounty Hunter, The Deadliest Catch etc..
Our little abode on Barnett Ave.
The "Man Shack" that has been converted into a Shabby Shiek "Chick Shack" with Cathedral Shabby birdhouses that have no birds, a shabby window that serves no funtcional purpose and a random star.....shabby as well.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

...weekend at Gloria's part Deux

Casa du Guthrie (featuring my crazy looking rental car)
This is my darling little Kimberly posing on some nice brown-shag carpet.
Circa 1979

Monday, May 15, 2006

A week at Glo and Al's house

This is Gloria's good friend "Worth", which is short for Worthless.
The infamous Griggs is seen here on Grandpa's computer checking his stocks and mutual funds
Grandma Glo with Kentie.

Brother-in law "jakers"

This is Jacob Madison Guthrie , Kim's only brother. This brave soul has endured the drama of having three sisters and still he doesn't utter a word. So now I have two brother's named Jake, one with 2 legs and one with 4. Both "Jakers" in my life are sensitive and a bit gamey...but still loved by all.

Monday, May 08, 2006

The Wreck

After youth group last night I was taking one of our students home and was stopped at a stop light when a man hit me from the rear at 40mph or faster. When I got out of the car I noticed that his car was totalled and he was throwing objects out of his car and into the weeds. It was obvious that this 60 year old man was drunk. When the cops came they found empty liquour bottles as well as a pistol that they believe was his.
Kim came down and sat with me as they hauled this man off in cuffs to the city jail.

Many things have been running through my mind; i'm grateful nodody was hurt, I'm concerned about this man and his addiction, I could have been killed, He could have run through the stop sign if I wasn't there and killed someone else, Drinking and Driving makes me ill and is inexcuseable.


Thursday, May 04, 2006

New World Record

...after a presentation about global missions, my small group of middles school boys crammed in "Big Red" and headed for the 31 flavors of joy at Baskin-Robbins. Headbanging the entire way and entertaining looks from people staring at us wondering why an Adult-bearded man in a huge truck is bouncing around like he's 14 with 6 other middles schoolers....and to this day that remains a good question. Anywho, we stormed into the Ice Cream parlor and my crew of "squirrells" headed directly for the freezer bin full of frozen birthday cakes. We purchased an 18 dollar, cookies and cream stuffed b-day cake with cute little flowers on top, and then headed to the back of Big Red...armed with 20+ pink spoons. I started the stop watch on my phone....and with at time of 11 minutes and 42 seconds....we destroyed a rather large birthday cake. I was proud to be their leader...and proud to be a part of this accomplishment. We left Baskin Robbins that day walking a little taller and feeling a little sicker....but we did it....we ate the cake!!
To God be the Glory great things He hath done!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Confirmation Weekend

This is a picture of most of our 8th grade confirmation class
on a mission trip to Charlotte. We look a little rough because
this was taken at 8:00am.