Monday, June 19, 2006

Football Studmuffin'

Found this stunning picture of me on my friend Holly's website.
This face use to strike fear into the hearts of my opponents.
Falcon Pride!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

random confession this is a random and awkward picture....but I'm feeling a bit random and awkward I guess "if the piano plays.....strum it!"

Summer hits and it seems my reason, thought, and small amount of structure in my life has flown out the window. I don't know what day it calendar confuses me...and I find myself asking the question "now what was I doing?" as I meander around the church building. I believe I have inherrited this trait from my wonderful father. I can picture the Gar right now....staring at the snack cabinet and swaying from the left to the right....then the right to the left as he tossed Cheez-its into his mouth. There is no doubt that his brain was spinning at Mach 3.....and the box of Cheez-its just happened to be the frequent victim. I see this Gar-trait in me...except I don't like Cheez-its that much......My "cheez-its" happen to be Dog the Bounty Hunter, The Deadliest Catch and Inked. While there is little educational or spiritual value in any of these programs....I find myself drawn to them at the end of a long day like a 9 year old longs for a pixie stick. God help me...God help Kim...God help us all.

( This has been a random confession)