Sunday, July 30, 2006

There's a bun in the OVEN!

Take Cover!! Protect Yourselves!!
The Stratmans have PROCREATED!
Our guess is that little Fritter/Darryl will
step foot in mid-march.
Kim is feeling so-so and I'm eating for 2!
Keep us in your prayers.

Fun in the Son 2006

On stage at Jekyll Isand as Johnny Sparkle and Chuck
in our nightly show "Matinee". The fog machine
was working overtime this particular night.

Our morning characters were Laser and Gemini
in "Fitszercise".
Here is the group. Kim is in the front row
2nd from the right.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Rex Kwon Do

My friend Pete who lives in Frisco,CO snapped this picture of
a Rex and Starla at a 4th of July party.
I had to steal this from his blog because
i literally wet my pants looking at "Rex".
While I firmly believe God loves us all
and calls us to accept one another,
He also gave us friends and family to speak TRUTH
in our lives.
But my hat is off to this man!
Keep on Rockin' in the Free world brotha'!
Any fella who has the confidence to sport
Jordache jeans up to his Belly Button,
Rock a Kentucky Waterfall haircut,
while wearing Tevas is A OK in my book!
In the words of Lee Greenwood, "I'm proud to be an American"

Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Great Escape!

the beloved Mud Pit
I was rockin' a Feaux Hawk while shaving a Mo' Hawk
some of my Middle School Posse

Monday, July 03, 2006

Studmuffin part Deux

I think i see Four Pack o' Abs
Dear Jesus, I wanna thank you for my Smokin' Hot wife!

I just returned from the Great Escape in Cleveland Tn with 50 of our middle school students and leaders. Kim and I head out for Myrtle Beach and Jekyll Island "Fun in the Son" camps this month as well. As you can see, I just learned how to link to other websites....dang I'm sharp. I have a "faux hawk" haircut, which is a distant relative to the Mo-hawk. I figure I can rock a dew like this one more time until I join the hairclub for men. I found an old wedding picture of Kim and I as well as a highschool pic that shows my breathtaking physique.
I'll put more pictures on the site in a few weeks from all of our summer travels....until then i have a seminary class to finish and flounder to catch.
In the words of a special North Carolinian, the Nature Boy Ric Flair-
" You can fly in Jet Planes, You can ride in Limosines, but to BE THE MAN, you gotta BEAT THE MAN, and I'm the hottest thing going......Diamonds are Forever and so is Ric Flair-
uncle nate