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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ruthie's Fall Adventures

Sorry I am so slack on the blog updating. Here are a few pics from the last 2 weeks.
Ruthie started preschool this year! She got to decorate a special bucket to keep her things in. She is so grown up!

Ruthie has started taking Ballet. On the first day I told her to go get her ballet things. When I came back into the room everything was neatly laid out on the couch. She is loving ballet.

Ruthie loved going to the dentist for the first time. We got her the book Bernstien Bear's Go To The Dentist to prepare her. She was a great little patient!

Ruthie loved wearing the dress Aunt Julia got her!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Hapy New Year!


One other family joined us for New Year's Eve. We had an early countdown with hats, blow horns, confetti, and a small dance party.

The girls had a little Sparkling Grape Juice to celebrate.

2010 in pancakes for New Year's Day breakfast.

Christmas in NC

We had a wonderful Christmas in NC with the Guthrie family. It was fun to be spoiled by aunts, uncles, Grandma, and Paw- Paw and to play with the cousins.
Sitting on Santa's lap

Making and eating Christmas cookies with Grandma and Zoe

Cousin Zo-Zo

Ruthie was very excited about the Cinderella doll Santa brought her in her stocking.

Showing Paw-Paw the new Cinderella doll.

My mom's maid, Worth (short for worthless), dressed for the holidays.

The kids table

We are not quite sure why, but every holiday meal my mom puts canned cranberries and bread and butter pickles on the table. No one eats them. :)

We took the train to the Discovery Place. It is a hands on science museum for kids. This is Uncle Chad with Griggs, Kent, and Ruthie.

Kenty and Ruthie - Two peas in a pod

Griggs lying on a bed of nails!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Merry Christmas Y'all!

We had a Jesus birthday party with some of Ruthie's friends. Complete with cupcakes and singing "Happy Birthday". As the guest were leaving Ruthie waved good-bye and shouted, "Merry Christmas y'all!" Her momma was proud to know she is still a Carolina girl deep down. :) Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Snow Days!

The last few days have been snowy and FREEZING. We spent most of Monday and all day Tuesday inside. Wednesday warmed up to 4 degrees (felt like -3) so we decided to go use our new sled with our friends. We were so layered we actually got a little hot (except for our faces).

Ruthie sledding down the driveway.

I am actually in a picture

Ruthie and Eleanor

Ruth has spent the last three days building. She uses blocks, animals, shoes, spices and other random household items. Here are some of her creations.
Ruthie bulit a stage and we performed on it all afternoon.

Ruthie said this was the wall of Jericho.

Ruth took this picture of me sitting in the jail she built.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

Our little Squanto. Ruthie learned all about the first Thanksgiving, Samoset and Squanto. We played Squanto and the Pilgrims most days. Ruthie (Squanto) would pretend to help me (pilgrim) hunt for lobster, turkey and plant corn with fish.

(This is for my mom) Here is the turkey I was telling you about.

We went to the Broadmoor Hotel with Gary and Deb for a tree lighting. Our favorite part was the incredible gingerbread village.

Ruthie's helps to decorate the big tree for the first time.

Grandpa Gary explaining the story of Jesus' birth using the awesome cloth manger scene from Jake, Jules, Ben and Jude

Grandma Deb helped Ruthie decorate her little tree.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

More Halloween

We had a huge party and our friend Collin dressed up as Nate. Complete with beard, hogs hat, and a shirt that looks like one Nate wears frequently. The funny thing was his wife and little girl dressed as a CUBS fans. Nate and CUBS don't mix.


Our Little Fairy

Ruthie has been wearing her fairy costume for weeks and is still wearing it now that Halloween is over. She dances all around the house and strikes poses. We had a great time going to a YMCA party, having a party and jump castle at our house and going trick-or-treating.