Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Beach Trip

We went to NC and got to see the Guthrie's for a few days. This was Nate's first time meeting his new niece Zoe.

Grandma getting in some grandkid time with Kent, Ruth, and Griggs. (They are all sitting at one time!)

We then headed to Wilmington/Wrightsville Beach to see friends and enjoy the beach.

Roo and Mags walking to the beach. Too cute!

Everyone helped dig to make a baby pool on the beach.

Smith was worn out

The water was sooooo clear the whole time we were there. Beautiful!!!

The boys went fishing one morning and the kiddos got to watch them clean the fish.

Will and the fish

Ruth and Mags played dress up and tea party ALOT!

Kayaking with Mom. Except Mom is really Amelia Bedelia and Ruthie is Missy at this moment from "Amelia Bedelia and the Baby"

Allen, Smith, Ruth and Maggie hanging out in the "Lollipop".

Allen (aka POP) helped Ruthie and Maggie go "surfing" in the "Lollipop".

Nate's Fish

I didn't do this picture justice in the last blog so here is a bigger shot.

Stratman Vacation

We had a wonderful time with the Stratman clan. We hung around the unique town of Boulder, CO for a few days.

We then headed to a cabin in the mountains. We had a incredible time running in the fields, canoeing, 4-wheeling, building rock sculptures, fishing, and just goofing off.

Our time was complete with somores and singing by the campfire.
Everyone cheered Nate on as he built the fire..."FIRE, FIRE, FIRE,..."

Sunday, August 23, 2009