Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ruthie in LA

Mommy and Ruthie took a trip to Hollywood to visit Grandpa Gary and Grandma Deb. This is Ruthie's first trip to LA (outside the womb). We have had a wonderful time going to the Kodak theater outdoor mall, the Universal Studio mall, parks, and the LA Zoo. Ruthie has also gone on long walks with Grandpa Gary every morning to look at the cute cottages and the beautiful flowers.

Grandpa Gary, Grandma Deb, and Ruthie at the LA Zoo

Ruthie loved the petting zoo.

Ruth & Grandma Deb picked an Oleander and an apple from the trees in their yard. We LOVE all the fruit and flowers in Cali!!!!

Ruthie and Grandpa Gary posing on the casting couch at the Kodak theater outdoor mall.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Our Little Girly Girl

Ruth's daily activity...shoe carrying.
Our little girly girl...flower dress, pink frilly purse, pink stroller, and pink baby.  OH, MY!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Eagles have landed!

Tonight will be night 3 that we will have spent in the wee little hoosie. We take frequent naps and go to bed early, praying that Leon the Saint of Unpacking will visit our house and put everything away before we wake up. It's not working and I'm doubting Leon's sainthood.
we will get some pics up when we aren't chasing Ruthie around the house. Thank Jesus and Home Depot for safety latches that fit on every drawer, now we can actually sit.

oh my,