Monday, June 15, 2009

We are resurrected from blog death

Sorry for the hiatus! Quick updates: I've been backpacking for a week with students and head to New Orleans and Vancouver on our high school trips. Kim is heading to Charlotte/Asheville with Ruth to see new cousin Zoe and the rest of the Guthries. We will be in Wilmywood in August. The weather here is psychotic but we are adapting. The aspens are turning white bark and gold leaves in the mountains and my parents are moving to BOULDER, CO THIS WEEK!!!! WOOT WOOT
Not sure who likes the mic more, Nanner or Ruthie.
Ruth wants to fly fish like dad at the neighborhood park. She tells mom to put another grub on the hook.
We think Ruthie's love language is physical touch. Elizabeth feels violated.
momma and roo stalking horses down at Ute Trail (we got to go there for a few nights so I could do some training of guides and staff)
(our new roomie, Miss Ali Jo. Ruthie tries to call Ali on her fake cell phone frequently)