Saturday, January 02, 2010

Hapy New Year!


One other family joined us for New Year's Eve. We had an early countdown with hats, blow horns, confetti, and a small dance party.

The girls had a little Sparkling Grape Juice to celebrate.

2010 in pancakes for New Year's Day breakfast.

Christmas in NC

We had a wonderful Christmas in NC with the Guthrie family. It was fun to be spoiled by aunts, uncles, Grandma, and Paw- Paw and to play with the cousins.
Sitting on Santa's lap

Making and eating Christmas cookies with Grandma and Zoe

Cousin Zo-Zo

Ruthie was very excited about the Cinderella doll Santa brought her in her stocking.

Showing Paw-Paw the new Cinderella doll.

My mom's maid, Worth (short for worthless), dressed for the holidays.

The kids table

We are not quite sure why, but every holiday meal my mom puts canned cranberries and bread and butter pickles on the table. No one eats them. :)

We took the train to the Discovery Place. It is a hands on science museum for kids. This is Uncle Chad with Griggs, Kent, and Ruthie.

Kenty and Ruthie - Two peas in a pod

Griggs lying on a bed of nails!