Wednesday, December 27, 2006


we sat next to "Louie" from "Remember the Titans" last night at an Argentinian Restaraunt on Ventura Ave. He was my favorite actor by far in that film. He was in Clerks, Chasing Amy, Mallrats, Blow, and now he is on "My name is Earl".

Saturday, December 23, 2006

CHRISTmas in Hollywood again......

This my friends is the "Hollywood Nail". I found it on the floor of the Warner Bros. studio where they build the sets. Why the double headed hollywood nail you ask? Since they change the sets so much, the double sided nail allows them to pull them out with the claw of the hammer quickly so they can refigure the set for the next scene.

Stained glass in the back of the sanctuary.

The Smiths in Encinitas

We went down to see Jamie and Kimber Smith outside of San Diego today. The Ocean is beautiful with the mountains in the background. We saw the their church and youth was a good time had by all.

Friday, December 22, 2006

a random visit in Hollywood

My mom says that the Cross of the church lies directly in the middle of the HOLLYWOOD sign if you stand in the middle of the intersection on Sunset Blvd.
I tried to stand there....and was nearly killed. So here is my best attempt at lining up the cross and the sign.

Cousin Marko came down from Santa Barbara for the afternoon.

Kim requested I find the "Bing" star amongst the 8 Jillion other stars.

The four of us were in the Sanctuary of the church and 3 people were singing in the corner, preparing for Christmas Eve. I was watching one of the young men sing and as I got closer, it was our friend Matt Lutz from Wilmington who is an actor and Kim and Matt lead Young Life together in college at UNCW. He was in Bringing Down the House, End of the Spear and Walk to Remember to name a few.

We also had one of my parents friends from church take us through the Warner Bros. facility. We walked around and ate lunch. We saw the set for Oceans 13, ER and other stuff.

CHRISTmas in Hollywood II

This is the church where they have filmed 7th Heaven for years and it's down the street from my p's house.

La Casa De Deb and Gar

This is mom's lemon tree in the back alley that she makes lemonade from

CHRISTmas in Hollywood I have a confession to make....I am intrigued or maybe even obsessed with famous people! Kim has acused me of this....and now I admit it. But in my defense, I am not enamored with the glitz and the glamour....I am intrigued by these people who are unique and obscure....and I feel like i'm best friends with most famous people due to Entertainment Tonight and the first 10 pages of People Magazine in the Harris Teeter shopping line.
Having said all that...I saw Hillary Duff and her mother walking outside of the Disney Building. I met a man who ran in the Olympics and shook hands with Hitler. We saw one of the lead actresses from The Practice outside of the Curves on Ventura Ave. where my mom works. I met a man who was Roy Rogers and Dale Evans pastor for over 30 years in the Apple Valley. This was all in one day...more to come!
Here is the website of the church my parents are serving:
This is a "Bird of Paradise" outside my p's house.

some random, wet plant outside the house.

This is one of the many Christmas lights that were left on my parents porch from an independent film that was shot at their house in October.

Kim in my parents small living room next to their huge Christmas tree.

The Kitchen

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

O Tannanbaum

our new tile floor in the bano

got a new pooper that is taller and is a nice ride.

a baby wreath made out of diapers and toys for little Ruthie from a mom in Kim's class.

All the boys bible study groups built these letters out of 2x4's and wrapped them in lights and stuck them on the roof of the HUB. "Dad, you taught me everything I need to know about Exterior Lumination"- Clark Griswald

Kimmie Gibler dressed up the Bungalo for the coming of Christ.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Legacy

My glorious nephew "mr. benners" woofing down his first birthday cake. His passion and commitment to the culinary arts brings a tear to my eye. This young man will carry the Namtart Banner with Pride!