Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

Our little Squanto. Ruthie learned all about the first Thanksgiving, Samoset and Squanto. We played Squanto and the Pilgrims most days. Ruthie (Squanto) would pretend to help me (pilgrim) hunt for lobster, turkey and plant corn with fish.

(This is for my mom) Here is the turkey I was telling you about.

We went to the Broadmoor Hotel with Gary and Deb for a tree lighting. Our favorite part was the incredible gingerbread village.

Ruthie's helps to decorate the big tree for the first time.

Grandpa Gary explaining the story of Jesus' birth using the awesome cloth manger scene from Jake, Jules, Ben and Jude

Grandma Deb helped Ruthie decorate her little tree.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures of our wonderful day! I love the one of Grandpa and Ruthie ....so sweet! Oh, and I do love that TURKEY!! :) Love and thanks for a perfect day...Grandma Deb

Katie said...

Awe! It's all so sweet! You Kim, are hilarious! Only you would teach your child specifics about the first Thanksgiving to the point that she wants to reenact it all the time :) I love it! Where did Jake and Julia get the manger scene? Is it an advent calendar too?