Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Snow Days!

The last few days have been snowy and FREEZING. We spent most of Monday and all day Tuesday inside. Wednesday warmed up to 4 degrees (felt like -3) so we decided to go use our new sled with our friends. We were so layered we actually got a little hot (except for our faces).

Ruthie sledding down the driveway.

I am actually in a picture

Ruthie and Eleanor

Ruth has spent the last three days building. She uses blocks, animals, shoes, spices and other random household items. Here are some of her creations.
Ruthie bulit a stage and we performed on it all afternoon.

Ruthie said this was the wall of Jericho.

Ruth took this picture of me sitting in the jail she built.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful group of pictures! The cutest little snow bunny ever...and Mommy in jail. That's our Ruthie! we love you both ..Deb and Gar

Dorothy said...

These make my day! Yall have so much fun! Hope you have a fabulous Christmas! Ruthie is awesome!

bott said...

hey kem,
im going to have to nominate you the best mom in the world award!! you are SO awesome. when in doubt of what to do with you child, look on kem and nates blog for ideas! hope you have a very merry christmas!! love ya! BOTT